GROUPWORKS: Counselling, personal development, group therapy, coaching and councelling supervision

At Groupworks we offer personal and professional development both one-to-one and in small groups. We aim to help people to recognise their deep needs and to achieve greater satisfaction, purpose and pleasure in life. We respect the uniqueness of each person, and all our work starts by listening carefully, one-to-one, to how you see things.

What do our clients get?

• “When we talk I see the big picture, we take things apart and put them back together differently.”
• “I feel OK, for the first time in a long time”
• “Insight. I see things from a new angle.”
• “Thank you for a very positive experience of therapy”
• “Running the group is no longer a burden.”
• “I have understood what we all have in common. I feel refreshed.”
• “With these insights I am having more fun doing my work.”

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From our wealth of experience we offer expert supervision to other therapists, counsellors, supervisors and coaches; see the page on supervision and professional development for more information.

Groupworks is for:

  • Individuals like you
  • Therapists and counsellors
  • Coaches
  • Supervisors
  • Group therapists and facilitators


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For free resources including extracts from Christine Thornton’s latest book, Group and team coaching, Routledge 2010.  The book is available from Amazon and all good booksellers


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