GROUPWORKS: Counselling, personal development, group therapy, coaching and councelling supervision

We offer supervision and professional development groups for therapists, counsellors, supervisors and coaches in Winchester and in our London base in NW3.  Working with us is an opportunity to deepen your practice and broaden your perspective, particularly useful for experienced practitioners who may find the right stimulation and support hard to unearth.

  • Personal/ professional development groups for therapists and counsellors
  • Supervision
  • Supervision in a group
  • Supervision of coaches and consultants
  • Seminars and events 

Personal/ professional development groups for therapists and counsellors

Therapy/counselling is often an isolating profession, with few sustained opportunities for in-depth contact with peers.  Our development groups offer a rare opportunity to develop personally and professionally, support each other, digest and learn together from experience.  The groups offer a safe and stimulating environment to explore all aspects of the role, for example the personal impact of the work, work/life balance issues, ethical dilemmas, and organisational/ contextual issues.  We benefit from the different perspectives of members from different disciplines and work settings, and become more comfortable and effective at working in groups.

A group-analytic group allows us to encounter others in a rich way, experience connectedness, and regenerate guided byour own deepest purposes. Groups for therapists and counsellors meet monthly in Winchester, and in London NW3.  There is also a monthly group for coaches in London.

For our Friday morning group in Winchester, click here for more information

For our Tuesday morning London [NW3] group, click here for more information

Click here for an application form for a group


We offer individual and group supervision of therapy and counselling across a wide range of work, with particular expertise in

  • relationships
  • trauma
  • supervision of supervision
  • groups
  • work-related issues

Christine Thornton’s broad experience as a therapist and supervisor, and years as Clinical Director of a trauma service, are the foundation of a safe and creative clinical supervision practice.  We understand the supervision relationship as including the support and development of the practitioner, as well as the effectiveness of her/ his clinical work.  Whether one to one or in a group, we work from a group analytic perspective with these core elements:

  • Attention to the individual
  • Tolerance and value of multiple perspectives
  • Attention to context – everything is relevant
  • Creative incorporation of differences, all marginal and ‘left field’ thoughts
  • Flexible developmental approach to managing anxiety

We offer an initial one-to-one supervision meeting free of charge, including an opportunity to present some work and see how our approach works for you.

Click here for an application form

Telephone 01962 620573 or email us to ask any questions you have.

Supervision in a group

We believe that supervision is a richer learning experience in a group of similarly experienced peers.  The same principles apply in our groups: attention to individuals, tolerance of different viewpoints, the importance of context and incorporation of different perspectives.  Each supervision group has a maximum of four members to ensure at least 30 minutes presentation time to each member, and we use the full resources of the group to understand the clinical work and to support the development of each practitioner.  Dates of the groups are negotiated well in advance to coordinate our diaries.

The monthly supervision group for experienced therapists and counsellors is our most popular.  Click here for more information and an application form

Supervision of coaches and consultants

For more information about our supervision of work with organisations, visit our sister website or use the email form to contact us

Seminars and events

We run short seminars and events in London and Winchester, and also regularly feature in other organisations’ programmes of events.  Go to our Seminars and Events page for more information.


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