GROUPWORKS: Counselling, personal development, group therapy, coaching and councelling supervision



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Open doors and open minds: a toolkit of sensitive practice for practitioners working with survivors of Institutional Child Abuse, 2014, e-publication, London, icap (With Jeff Moore, Mary Hughes & Eugene Waters)


Group and team coaching, 2010, 2016 London, Routledge


Managing grants in Southwark 1998, London, LB Southwark


Carers in London, 1997, London, City Parochial Foundation


Creative Equality, 1996, Cambridge, Eastern Arts(With Gill Taylor)


Managing People, 1995, London, Directory of Social Change(With Gill Taylor)


Choosing & Using a Solicitor (Ed) 1994, London, The Law Society


Making it count: Evaluation resource pack, 1992, London, FIAC


Managing to Advise 1989, London, FIAC


A Life of My Own (Ed) 1988, London, Blackfriars Settlement


Papers, articles and chapters


Hitting home: Irish identity and psychotherapy in the UK, 2014, British Journal of Psychotherapy Vol 30, Issue 3, p286 (With Alan Corbett)


The Lifelong Impact of Institutional Childhood Abuse: The Perspective of the Irish in Britain, 2014, (With Jeff Moore) chapter 4 in Fragments of Trauma and the Social Production of Suffering: Trauma, History, and Memory eds Michael O’Loughlin and Marilyn Charles, in series:The Library of Object Relations.   Series Editor: David E. Scharff and Jill Savege Scharff, Lanham, London, New York, Boulder, Rowan & Littlefield


Borrowing my self: An exploration of exchange as a group-specific therapeutic factor, 2004

Group Analysis Vol. 37 (2) June pp305-320


Building up your managers NCVO News, June 1998


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