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Counselling and therapy:

What it’s like to work with us

We start by having a conversation, one to one.  Together in a confidential space, with time to think and feel, we build a picture of how things are for you and the challenges you face.  This allows us to come to an understanding of what is best for you as an individual.

There are many different kinds of therapy. We focus on listening to you carefully and helping you to understand yourself better, so as to see things in a different way and find new possibilities in your life. We are interested in helping you get a fuller picture of your situation so as to take more control, and resulting in greater satisfaction, resolution and pleasure in life.

Counselling and therapy can help people:

  • Feeling frustration, stress or disappointment
  • Having problems with relationships
  • Life changing personally or professionally
  • Being isolated personally or professionally
  • Dealing with a loss, trauma or difficult experience
  • Feeling stressed or low.

What our clients say

  • “When we talk I see the big picture, we take things apart and put them back together differently.”
  • “I feel OK, for the first time in a long time”
  • “Insight. I see things from a new angle.”
  • “Thank you for a very positive experience of therapy”


Christine Thornton, the Groupworks Director, says that she always has three questions in mind when meeting a new client:

  • Would counselling or therapy be helpful to you?
  • If yes, would one-to-one or group therapy suit you best?
  • If yes, am I the right therapist or can I suggest someone who might be better suited to you?

At the beginning

We offer a free short consultation [half an hour] for you to see whether you might feel comfortable working with us.  We then offer a short series of meetings, six sessions, at a special rate.  This allows us to advise you about your options so that you can make an informed choice about what you do next. It also gives you some experience of what it is like to work with us.  For some people, this will be enough to resolve things.

Next steps

If you find that the process is helping you and feel there is more counselling work you would like to do, we can agree to continue for a longer period; we are fully qualified and experienced in working longer term.  We also have a network of experienced and well-qualified colleagues in the area.

Do you ever ask yourself Why on earth do I feel like this?  Our training is ‘analytic’ or ‘psychodynamic’ which means we pay attention to the things that feel inexplicable, the problems that constantly come back to plague us despite our best intentions. We work with you to develop a fuller understanding which gives you greater control and helps remove barriers to happiness and fulfilment, to have less frustration and more enjoyment in your life.

One to one counselling is always available, and the one-to-one process is better understood than small groups, which may be an alternative you find you prefer.  Group therapy works differently to one-to-one, but is equally effective for many people and more effective for some kinds of problem.  It is also less expensive than one-to-one work.

Therapy in groups

Small groups can be very effective, particularly if you have difficulties in relationships, or feel isolated or alone.  Each person is a unique individual, and in our groups individual differences are respected and understood as valid, by the therapist and everyone else. Everyone has something to offer, to help themselves and others.  By encountering each others’ quirks and ways of seeing things, we become more and more comfortable with our own. We explore in depth different ways of being and relating, which over time also gives us the freedom to change, should we wish to. We can leave behind aspects of our style that no longer help us, because we have gained deep awareness and understanding of the alternatives open to us.

Well-led small groups offer a unique opportunity for a profound experience of reciprocity, coming together with others to develop self-awareness and tackle challenging life situations. Groups offer ‘give and take’ at every level, and the experience over time is life-changing for many people.

Groups are a particularly effective form of therapy for people who experience difficulties in personal or professional relationships. Over time you come to understand your habitual patterns, and can discover alternative styles in a safe atmosphere, making real changes supported by the group and resulting in more satisfaction in all your relationships.

One-to-one or small group?

It’s your decision. At the outset we listen carefully to you and what you say about your needs, and then advise on your options and their pros and cons. We never make assumptions about what is best, and the decision is yours.

We do believe in the power of small groups to aid personal and professional development in a deep and rich way, while recognising that they are not for everyone. It can also be more cost effective, as participating in a small group for therapy costs less than one-to-one, typically around half.

Supervision and professional development

We also offer supervision and professional development to other therapists, counsellors and coaches, for example if you are

  •  A coach who would like to understand the psychological dimension of your work better, so as to overcome barriers to clients’ progress
  • An experienced therapist or counsellor for whom it is hard to find effective and continuous professional development
  • Running a group which you would like to run more effectively and comfortably


What people say:

  • “Running the group is no longer a burden.”
  • “I have understood what we all have in common. I feel refreshed.”
  • “With these insights I am having more fun doing my work.”

Counselling and therapy – what is the difference?  See our FAQ

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